Rodriguez Management Group

The Right Management Team, for the Best Results!

Combined 50+ years experience in the hospitality industry, multiple award winning Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants all under our banner.  Simply Stated, our Award Winning staff is exactly what you need to maximize profit! 

It's a difficult decision we know

Most people, including ourselves feel ashamed to talk to a Consultant.
Where do I start?
what do I say?
How expensive is this?
 Am I a failure?

First welcome, to RMG. We get it. No, you're not a failure. Start at the beginning why did you open your business? what are you looking to accomplish? and its not as expensive as people think. We base all of our pricing off your current sales, and projected profit. Why? because it costs you nothing. If our methods don't bring new profit, we make NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH. 

We aren't in business to screw anyone over. We aren't here to get rich while you lose everything. That is why our pricing is set up this way. We believe in our methods, and our knowledge of the industry.  What says that more than us ACTUALLY putting our money on the line? 

How do we attain this? we figure out your budget, what your goals are etc. and then we set up our fee.

for example, say your business is making $10,000 a week.  You want $20,000 a week. we agree to meet in the middle at $15,000. Then we take 35% of new profit.  so the $15,000 is yours a week no matter what. you make the business makes less than or equal too $15,000 that week? cool we make nothing.  It makes $15,001? you still make $15,000 and now make 65 cents on that dollar; we make 0.35 cents.  It is truly that simple.  

Personalized Care, Personalized Service.

Our Approach starts at the very basic level of what makes your business, well, yours!  Then we build on that to increase your profitability. From start to finish, you're the client and you're in charge! We work with you and we treat every client like family. 

Personalized service means just that, personalized service! No hardcore bootcamps with 30 or 40 poeple, or crazy classes, pyramid schemes or scams, and finally no online course to sign up for and not follow through with! you don't have the time, we know! 

Just one of us 1 on 1 with you, and your staff. and we never make money unless you do! You have NOTHING to lose, and we are directly tied to your success! 

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